How to Clear iPhone Cache Super Easy Without Installing Additional Applications

How to Clear iPhone Cache Super Easy Without Installing Additional Applications

For iPhone users, you also need to periodically clear the cache, yes. Although it seems trivial, this simple habit is the first step so that your smart phone can be durable and not slow when operated.

How to Clear Cache on iPhone Easily

Basically, how to clear cache does not always have to install certain applications first. By clearing junk data stored by certain apps and going through factory default settings, you can get rid of junk files so they don't fill up the memory on your phone.

1. Clean Safari

When browsing, of course you will be directly directed to the window of the Safari application. Apple's default browser is already installed and is one of the factory default apps. As long as you're connected to a stable internet and WiFi connection, you can browse multiple links quickly.

Being the only mainstay when browsing, of course there are many websites that you have visited. The number of pages that are opened is also one source of the accumulation of junk files that are automatically stored in your internal memory. For that, the way to clear the iPhone cache that can be done is to clean Safari.

Before the speed and performance of your device starts to slow down, it never hurts to clear the cache that has filled your device. Without the need to install other applications, you just have to fiddle with it from the Settings menu or Settings. For more details, follow the steps below:

  • Enter Settings or Settings
  • Scroll down and click Safari
  • Select Clear History and Website Data in blue font
  • After being tapped, a pop up will appear with the option to Clear History and Data and click
  • After selecting the option of clearing the cache through Safari, you are like opening this browser like when it was new

Please note, this way of course you will lose history and data such as passwords that have been previously stored. All important data and useless trash will be erased. This way, your iPhone will feel refreshed and light. Like operating a browser when it was new, the device feels lighter and faster when used to surf the virtual world.

How to clear cache on an iPhone brand cellphone can not only be cleaned from Safari. If you use another browser, you can do the same. In the Settings menu, all you have to do is select your favorite browser application and just click the Clear History and Website Data option. Clean unused junk files regularly, yes.

2. Uninstall heavy apps

When choosing an internal memory with a large capacity, you can install many applications without worrying about storage. Unexpectedly, this can also be a trigger for many junk files that are lodged in your device. So many applications are installed, you forget that there are many applications that are not actually used.

For that, you also need to check storage and check what heavy applications are rarely used for the last few months. This way of clearing the iPhone cache does not need to install additional applications. You just need to go straight to the Settings menu or Settings. For more details, the tutorial below will make it easier for you if your iPhone is already iOS 11:

Go to the Settings menu > General > iPhone Storage. After clicking, the applications that have been installed on the iPhone will appear and order from large capacity to light

Select the large size application and the one you want to uninstall. If it's hard to determine, try to remember the last time you used it. If you have been silent for the past 3 months, it never hurts to do how to clear the cache on your cellphone

Assume you are going to delete Instagram apps Click Delete App

Continue by uninstalling other applications that are more than 500 MB in size and rarely used

After deleting some of these apps, the storage on your iPhone will become freer again. With these simple steps, your phone memory will not be filled with unnecessary junk files and can be operated without any slow interruptions.

Can you uninstall the app and can't you reinstall it? Of course you can. How to clear cache above is to delete previously stored junk files. If you need it, just install it again as usual. Easy, right?

3. Restart iPhone

Every smartphone brand must have been equipped with a system to clean cache in memory easily. By opening the default application, in one click you can restore HP performance to keep it prime. For the iPhone itself, you can also do how to clear the cache on the cellphone by restarting the device periodically.

After clearing junk files with the previous two steps, you can improve it by turning off your iPhone for a few moments. That way, when the iPhone is turned on again, its performance will be faster like it was just bought. How to turn off the iPhone is also different for each generation. 

Press the volume down button on the left and the Power button on the right at the same time. Hold until the power off slider appears

Slide and wait for about 30 seconds until it completely turns off

To turn it back on, press and hold the Power button on the right until the Apple logo appears

After the Apple logo appears and the home screen and lock screen appear, try to fiddle with your device whose junk files have been cleaned. Obviously it will be lighter and there will be no more annoying lag sensation. The performance becomes faster and the memory capacity becomes more spacious, right?

Basically, how to clear cache without this application is very easy to follow. You just need to schedule the erasure process periodically to make your iPhone last longer. So, when are you going to clean up all the junk files that have been filling your memory, guys?

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